KIT DUO PERFECTO - Tu Salud Intima


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Protect your V zone naturally!
Are there days when you think you have an unpleasant smell in your intimate area? Do you have recurrent vaginal infections? This kit that we have created for you will help you keep your intimate area clean, protected and with an appropriate pH.

Foam: Our cleansing foam with lactic acid, organic cranberry extract rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, allows you to maintain local immunity and pH to keep your zone V free of itching and infections. Use it daily and you will see the result on your delicate vulva skin.

Zenbiotic: are probiotic capsules designed to enhance vaginal health as well as digestive health while taking care of your entire body's immune system . Its components help reduce the frequency of the most common female problems such as: vaginal pH imbalance and the presence of yeast or fungi (Candidiasis).