Feminine Cleansing Foam

Espuma Limpiadora Femenina - Tu Salud Intima
Espuma Limpiadora Femenina - Tu Salud Intima
Espuma Limpiadora Femenina - Tu Salud Intima
Espuma Limpiadora Femenina - Tu Salud Intima
Espuma Limpiadora Femenina - Tu Salud Intima

Feminine Cleansing Foam

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  • Healthy and safe ingredients
  • 100% Natural, hormone free.

Cleansing foam with organic cranberry extract.

Hydration, balanced pH, and a good immune system are essential for healthy skin. With our cleansing foam, you can stay healthy, clean and free of bad odors.

Available in Travel Size presentation, ideal to carry in your wallet.

Learn about all the benefits of our Cleansing Foam👇🏻

Cleansing Foam

With lactic acid and hyaluronic acid

Magic? Yes, it is multi-use and multi-purpose

Reduces the darkening of your area.

⁉️ Frequently Asked Questions

Every woman since
her first menstruation.
Also recommended for
men with sensitive skin.

You are going to use it in your daily grooming. This is a product for external use only, you will not use it
insert into your vagina. You press the dispenser once and use what comes out, always for
out and from front to back, you are never going to apply it from back to front because if not
Bacteria from the anus can enter your vagina or urinary tract.

You massage and clean between the labia minora and majora, very gently retract the cap.
chon of the clitoris and then with circular movements towards the back.

If you have spots in your crotch or in the crease of your leg with your vulva, you are going to extend it.
go to that area and you are going to massage, you are going to leave it for 30 seconds to a minute and then you are going to

Rinse with plenty of water. It can last up to 3 months.

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Nelly Estrada
Excelente producto

Me encanta la espuma intima lo mejor en jabón intimo

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Hola Miguelina
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Maria Jacqueline Grullon

Espuma Limpiadora Femenina

Hola Maria,
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Alicia molina

Espuma Limpiadora Femenina

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